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Having an agency with Bond Lovis Broker Services means you’ll immediately gain access to the London Market. A Rated Axa capacity, OLM cater for all kinds of non-standard fleets.

In addition we also have other fleet markets that you may not have facilities with.

All Fleet Cover is written on a net-rated basis.

    Small Fleets: Key Criteria

  • Between 2 & 20 Vehicles

  • Any Driver (restricted 25+ to 70)

  • Named Driver Rates (at reduced premiums)

  • Rating: Both fleet rated and “book & bonus”

  • Most Occupations covered


  • Generally up to £60,000 Premium

  • 15 Vehicles+

  • Any Driver (restricted 25+ to 70)

  • Rating: Both cost per vehicle and “book & bonus”

    Non Standard Fleets

  • Roofing, Scaffolding, Catering/Event Catering,

  • Vehicles with Plant attachments (HIAB’s etc.)

  • Classic/Nostalgia Car Clubs

  • Funeral cars

  • Road Construction/Maintenance

  • Any Driver (restricted to 25+ to 70)

  • Named Driver:- 21+ subject to Licence & Vehicle Grp restrictions

  • Rating: Both cost per vehicle and “book & bonus”

With most of our insurers we pride ourselves on a quick turn around of quotes and mid-term changes.

If your client does not fall into any of the above listed categories, then please
simply give us a call,

0800 43 46 306

or complete our

Fleet Quote Form

and submit with your market presentation to [email protected]

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